Custom Items Shop


We offer many custom items for all types of uses, our most consistent requests are listed here. Please contact us regarding any custom questions or projects you might have and we would be glad to give you a better idea of pricing.

Mountain Man Shirt


This is an item we are not stocking at the moment but have been making for nearly 30 years. The basic Elk shirt is made from one large Elk hide the body and sleeve length being determined by the hide size. Sleeve extentions may be added. Option include laced or zipped sides tied down or no collar Jacket version. We offer a similar war shirt in Deer which is a classic Native American style made of 4 large deer with a natural edge bottom. Side ties or zipper are options. 

Frontier Jacket


Another old favorite, the Frontier Jacket has been in our bag of tricks for over 30 years. Typically we make this style from Deer, sometimes Elk with fringe, a finished collar, snaps and pockets. It can be customized in nearly every way. The most common changes are in the style of pockets, collar and closures. We can offer this style made from customer's own hides (7+), contact us to learn more!

Braid & Fringe Chaps


We can add braid and fringe to nearly any garment, each are $1 per inch. 

Women's Jacket


Our ladies fitted jacket can function either as a shirt or a jacket. It features a YKK zipper and can have custom options such as collars, pockets, cuffs and colors.

Fur Hats & Helmets


For years we have been working with fur to create traditional and non-traditional fur hats and recently helmets that can be worn on the road or in the woods. We can also sometimes use customer furs, contact us for more details.