see what we've done.

Traditional Capote

A long wrap-around coat this item was an essential for any French Mountain Man. this one is Elk and has a blanket lining.

Custom Outfits

A unique set for a unique rider we made biker friendly mountain man gear with side and cuff lacing, tied down collar and matching pants. (yes, we also made the hat)

Beaded Indian Dress

Historical reproduction Indian maidens dress with rows of lazy stitch done by a Lakota Sioux bead work artist.

Children's Moccasins

We have made all kinds of sizes and colors of modified Salish moccasins for children and adults alike.

Custom Vest w/ Leather Layered Pants

A great option for people who want to maximize the use of their leather pants is to layer leather over a pair of jeans. Since leather, especially buckskin, tends to stretch and bag the under-layer of jean protects them from becoming misshapen after years of use.

Custom Jacket

This jacket was a show piece with hand stitching throughout the seams and pockets. We can still make similar items, check our custom order page for more info.

Mountain Man Shirt

Mountain Man style shirt with custom features such as lace up sides and sleeves for easy wearing.

Pendleton Lined Poncho

Made after the style of traditional ponchos the blanket is hand tied to a full elk hide and finished at the edges. A hood and pockets can be added.

Traditional Deerskin Dress

This dress was constructed from commercial brain-tan and beaded by a Native American artist.

Frontier Jacket

Made from elk or deer with a myriad of options this is our most popular style of western jacket, we still offer this one under our custom products page.

Custom War Shirt w/ Beadwork

This war shirt was custom made to tell the story of this particular man's life. The horsehair tassels and custom bead-work are all representative of his story.

Fox Fur Hat

We have made many fur hats of all kinds for traditional wear, hunters and bikers alike. Check our custom products page for more info.

Custom Pendleton/Elk Jacket

This jacket is about as warm as you would ever want to be, the body is made from a Pendleton blanket while the sleeves and edging were done in elk hide.

Knee High Moccasins

Made of heavy Elk hide and lined with fur these are some of the earliest styles we made.

Blanket Lined Poncho

A full elk hide is lined with a blanket and a neck is fashioned from the center of the hide and finished. It can be made with or without pockets and is great for all types of outdoor use and weather.

Cream Chaps

Our basic chaps were upgraded with fringe and braid to make a statement!

Heirloom Vest

Bead work was repaired and an extension was put on the bottom with matching buckstich.

Leather Pants

These custom leather pants are made of soft deerskin and were specially made for the customers needs.

Mountain Man Shirt

Made to use while riding this shirt features lots of fringe and tie-down features.