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At Hide & Soul, we are focused on producing the highest quality leather goods. Wild game hides are becoming more difficult and expensive to source. Therefore, in order to wisely use our materials, more of our products will be made to order, allowing you to customize features and make your leather dreams a reality! We will continue to stock as many items in-store as possible,  just inquire as to our current inventory. 

Our website boasts our more than 40 years of artisan craftsmanship. Be sure to browse through our many custom options for products and give us a call or stop by with any questions and to order your custom leather garments!

- The Todd Family & Crew at Hide and Soul

mens black deer skin vest.jpeg

Mens Vests

Made from deer, elk, or bison hides, we've created a men's vest that has been our top seller with different color combinations and XS-5XL patterns. With 4 pockets, it's orderable in tall, solid side or side lace.

ladies rustic deer skin vest with turquoise beads.jpg

Ladies Vests

Our ladies' Rustic vest has been a top seller since the early 2000's! With rustic edges from the hide, and a wide color variety, it is embellished with natural stones. 

Orderable 2XS-5XL to flatter anyone's figure!

unisex deer skin jacketsjpg

Jackets & Shirts

Jackets for men and women, and unisex shirts. No outfit is complete without a jacket that breaks the wind and sun while staying lightweight and breathable. Check out our variety of custom options to fit your preferance and lifestyle!

deer, elk and bison custom chaps

Unisex Chaps

Made from deer, elk, or bison hides, we've created beautiful unisex chaps with different colors and 2XS-3XL patterns. These chaps are also very easily customized with fringe, pockets or conchos.

half chaps_leggins.jpg

Half Chaps

These unisex half-chaps are typically a mix of elk and bison hides in two different styles. Perfect for motorcycles or horses.

Orderable 2XS-3XL to protect everyone!

heavy unisex 1.5 inch belts .jpg


Belts, holsters, bags, purses, wallets, knife sheaths and more! 

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