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Who we are & what we do:

Our passion is to create unique, quality leather garments and accessories that more than exceed your expectations. For 40 years our leather garment crafting has served enthusiasts such as Hunters, Bikers, Horsemen, Woodsman, and Historical Reenactors. In 1998 our focus shifted to specialize in meeting the need of bikers worldwide for practical, comfortably well-fitting quality garments. All of our products are individually handcrafted and can be custom-made to order. We specialize in deer & elk leather which is softer, lighter, breathes better, and is great for multiple climates. Every handmade item; bag, vest, or deerskin chaps are 100% made in America by a real family like yours and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee. We love getting to know our customers and would love to serve your leather needs, so contact us and experience uniquely made wearable art! When you buy something from Hide & Soul, you are joining the family, and who wouldn't want to with such extraordinary Goldens like our Caleb and Galadriel? We hope to see you soon!


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