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We offer a wide variety of services including repairs, patches, alterations, and small custom projects. Check out our repairs and patches page for a complete price list. Our shop prices generally run at $60 an hour in addition to material costs. Please contact us for more information regarding your custom projects. You can also mail in your repairs if you aren't nearby. 

What Is Buckskin?

Buckskin, though technically male deer hide, is used as a general term to describe soft tanned game hides. Finished without paints or varnishes, they retain unique imperfections along with a soft, supple feel. All our buckskin products are hand washable according to the directions found in our cleaning and care section. If you have ever worn buckskin gloves you know what a superior fit and feel they have; imagine that in your vest, chaps and jacket, and you have an idea what we provide to our customers. Our unique product and expert craftsmanship bring us a tremendous amount of repeat business. Now that you have found us, you too can join the large number of folks stepping out of the crowd, and into something better than you ever dreamed.

Our buckskin items are handcrafted and therefore no two are ever identical; natural markings add to the rustic beauty of our products. Any unavoidable holes are decoratively patched, creating even more unique character.


Our Products Are Washable, Can You Believe It?

Because buckskin is basically felted fibers, it can be immersed or spot cleaned without damage if done properly. It can be risky if not done properly, if the buckskin is a medium to light color or if the stain is ink or oil you may not be able to get 100% removal of stains or dirt. Spot cleaning is generally not advised on any color other than black. Water spots can dry, leaving behind chemical or mineral residue or water rings. Leather is extremely flexible when wet, for this reason, if you wring it, hang it or put excess pressure on it, it may disfigure the fibers and leave you with a misshapen garment, so be gentle. Waterproofing can be done and is advisable if you are using these products every day in every condition. We recommend Skidmore's Leather Waterproofer because of the natural plant oils and beeswax. (contact us for more information) Airing out and pre-treatment of waterproofer or spot cleaning will make total immersive washing a rare occasion. Excessive scrubbing will abraid the grain. To wash your garment, follow the instructions below and contact us with any questions.


To wash your buckskin garment-

  • Gently spot clean dry garments full grain layer with full strength Lexol cleaner and a soft cloth or fingers. 

  • Dirt spots can disappear when wet, so note their location prior to wetting. Wash in lukewarm water mixed with 2 Tablespoons of lexol cleaner. Gently agitate and work the buckskin in the water. 

  • Rinse garment in lukewarm water (barely covering the vest) mix 3/4 cup Lexol conditioner or apply Skidmore's after rinsing is complete. 

  • Rinse in cool water. Gently squeeze excess water out. 
    NEVER WRING! Wringing can cause the leather to stretch out and the garment will be misshapen. 

  • Use a similar colored towel and lay the garment on it. Put another towel inside it and a third on top. 

  • Roll up towels and garment, squeezing tightly (never twisting). Unroll and pat the garment into shape. 

  • Dry flat (don't hang), out of the direct sun or heat. Occasionally flex the garment and change the layout as it dries.

  • When dry, work the garment soft by hand or put it in the dryer on "fluff" for 5 minutes.

  • Re-apply Skidmore's

Handwashing: Deerskin Vest

Machine Wash: Deerskin Jacket

Aftercare: Skidmore's

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