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If you are wondering which leather to buy, we have a few questions for you to ask yourself.

  1. Where do you live? What is the weather typically. Deer is best for the Southern weather's cold days.
  2. How do you ride? Deer is soft and flexible, while it is durable, if you ride 100s of miles with frequency elk hide is probably more suitable for you.
  3. What do you want from your leathers? Some people like the bison chaps because they are bison. There is nothing wrong with that. You need to purchase what you feel like suits your lifestyle best!


The deerskin chaps have the widest temperature comfort window, great for everyday protection, being as they are lighter weight and the most breathable of the leathers. Generally ladies prefer deer because of the lighter weight, they feel like they're a second natural skin.


*Please contact us for our current inventory as it changes

Deerskin Chaps

Color Choices
  • Features include:

    1. Black YKK Zippers
    2. Antique Buffalo Nickle Snaps
    3. Reinforced Stress Points
    4. Custom options are available, such as:
    5. Sizing, Pockets, Colors and Decoration. Please contact us for details.
    6. **Please contact us with your color request prior to ordering.



    How Should They Fit


    Waist: the side of the chaps should center over the hip, too far forward the front sides will gap, and too far back you can't get them zipped easily.



    Thigh: the leather should be snug so that your hand can barely slip into your inner thigh, where you can see your finger and knuckle outlines. You will find anyone who has worn chaps a lot will buy them extra snug. (If you have trouble flexing due to stiffness or an over-ample belly, you will want a bit looser in the thigh.)



    Length: we recommend they go to the ground with your boots on, when you sit on the bike they will ride up some but should still cover the ankle of your boot. Too long, and you'll walk on and drag them, too short is hard as well because it's difficult to extend them. Chaps are not generally hemmed, but the seams should be back stitched to prevent them from coming undone.

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