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Ladies Rustic Vest

  • Unique and soft, this vest will make you feel as good as you look!  Made of wonderful deerskin, it is soft, breathable, hand washable, and form-fitting. This vest has been our most popular vest for over 25 years.  Our rustic style features a longer back and rough edges. Antique beads or semi-precious stones are sewn into a complementing yoke line. Antique nickel snaps close in the front securely. Almost any colors can be combined per special order requests!


    This is the wildest, unique vest you will ever find. They are rustic, ragged, scarred, and FULL of character. Each one is just as individual as all of us are. The natural nature of the material may have varied dye lots and surface blemishes. This style features rough-textured hides with holes and scars that are patched with a buck-stitch method.

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