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Medium Rustic Purses

2 - 4 WEEKS
  • Our Medium Rustic purse is made from deer, elk or bison hide with 5 pockets. Every bag is unique and unlike any other one. Each bag is lined with different patterns with a zipper inner pocket. If you look closely at the pictures you'll find a pocket under the front flap, the main pocket, an unlined hidden pocket (great for concealed carry), and then a smaller pocket on the outside on the back big enough for any phone currently on the market. They also all have adjustable straps! 


    This bag is designed to hold a lot! Big enough for tablets the size of a Kindle with the gusset. This bag keeps giving! Ask about all the colors we have in stock.


    *Please contact us for our current inventory, being as it is constantly changing.


    Also, check our Etsy store for immediate purchases.


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