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Rustic Purses

  • We have them in mixed natural shades, black and brown, as well as solid black. Pockets on both the fronts and back of the purse. The bag has a gusset, giving you more depth to the purse. The strap is either sewn into the bag or attached with an elk horn or metal ring. All three attachments are strong and tested. There is a security snap under the lid as well as the snap you see from the exterior. Bags may be patched and have beads or decoration. Each bag has personality, and there aren't two alike.


    Our small rustic purses are made from elk and bison hide. Each bag is unique and unlike any other one. They have multiple pockets and machine stitching around each edge, adding personality and flare. They are unlined and may not be adjustable, however, we are making all new bags with adjustable straps. 


    *Please contact us for our current inventory, being as it is constantly changing.


    Also, check our Etsy store for immediate purchases.

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